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Waking Up

OneRepublic’s “Waking Up” follows the success of “Dreaming Out Loud” with the same sound but with slightly a slightly different spirit. On “Waking Up” frontman and mastermind behind OneRepublic seems determined not to let his current standing change him and he expresses so emphatically on several songs on the album. Assuming what the band went through over the past two years, it’s a pretty good standpoint and it had to dominate Tedder’s feelings… thus the expression on this record. Lyrically that’s not the only content here but it’s what you can take away from it. Sonically the album is impressive; it’s what you would expect out of Tedder.”Waking Up” has lots of different textures, LOTS of different drums and percussion sounds, and a soundscape that you’re likely not to hear anywhere else. That’s the impressive part of this record. “Everybody Loves Me” and “Good Life” are great examples of that. “Waking Up” should continue to build on what the band established with their colossal hit “Apologize.” There’s potential for several songs to make that kind of an impact here and at least one should. Collectively this is an enjoyable album that you’re likely to listen to well into 2010 and beyond.


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