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3 Doors Down

Seventeen Days

Only in the corporate ruled era of music could a release date be set before a record is even written, but such was the case for 3 Doors Down when they were told by Universal that they would have to have a new album written and recorded by February 8th, in order for the label to take advantage of a special promotional agreement with retailers. This allotted seventeen days for the band to write their third album, aptly titled “Seventeen Days.”

The album opens with the gritty rocker, “Right Where I Belong”, followed by “It’s Not Me” a laid back track, with a crunching chorus, and tight guitar break down, reminiscent of many of the tracks on the bands debut record. The polished and produced side of 3 Doors Down is displayed on “Let Me Go”, the first single of this record. Already scoring heavy radio play, the ballad fits a formula that has worked well for 3 Doors Down, and brought an equal amount of criticism. Fortunately, the album digs deeper than the polished first single, like on the track “Be Somebody” which is beautifully written track, and accompanied perfectly by Brad Arnold’s unmistakable voice. Perhaps the most impressive track on the record is the band’s collaboration with rock legend Bob Seger. The lyrics are clearly inspired by Seger classic music, so much you’d almost swear you were listening to Seger crank away with his Silver Bullet Band. Also impressive are “The Real Life” and “Behind Those Eyes”, along with the rocking sounds of “Never Will I Break”. All in all, this is a very impressive record, regardless of the fact it was written in only seventeen days. While many bands would struggle under those time constraints, it seems 3 Doors Down flourished under the pressure, as their new album soars to new heights and further proves why they are one of the elite modern rock bands today.


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