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The Energy

Realize Your Sin

The Energy seems like a throwback band. They are kind of like a classic rock band… except mixed with modern rock music. It’s a cool dynamic and one that works for the most part on the band’s “Realize Your Sin.” Even though the vocals weren’t recorded as good as they could have been in spots, they’re still pretty good and Adam Wolfsdorf’s voice is very distinct and identifiable. A unique vocal is something that an unsigned band needs to keep pushing themselves up and these guys definitely have that. Most of the songs on “Realize Your Sin” are good too. “Lights” is a blast and so is “The Constant.” Outside of Wolfsdorf’s voice, the guitar work is the best part of the songs. The guitar work is especially good towards the end of songs. Not all of these songs are great, but they always finish great. Lots of bands really let you down with finishing songs, on this record The Energy never does and that’s important. I will say the big problem with this record is production. It’s really frustrating at points. On some of the vocals you just know they could have been recorded better and Wolfsdorf’s vocals don’t come through as well as they should have. The same can be said for just general instrumentation too. Stuff just isn’t layered properly in places and the drums weren’t tracked very well at all. Even for an independent record this isn’t very good and that makes this record suffer in spots. The Energy definitely has a lot of potential and they are heading in the right direction. If you’re looking for something original in a modern rock sound, check out these guys. They won’t let you down.


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