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Dashboard Confessional

Alter the Ending

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Carrabba and Dashboard Confessional for awhile. His music is impressive and his lyrics/vocals are even more striking. “Alter the Ending” continues both trends in what amounts to Carrabba’s best work to date. “Dusk and Summer” was an extraordinary record but “Alter the Ending” trumps it in every way imaginable. Songs like “Rooftops And Invitations” and “Stolen” were the highlights of that record. On this album, damn near every song is amazing. Big moments include “Belle of the Boulevard” and “Until Morning.” The only rough moment and the track you can skip on this album is “Even Now”… just doesn’t feel right on this record and it doesn’t match the rest of the record’s energy. The best way to get this record is the deluxe packaging option. You get two discs in that bundle. One has the normal album and the other has acoustic versions of all the songs. Hearing songs both ways is incredible. The best Dashboard album to date, “Alter the Ending” is a record you HAVE to listen to.


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