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John Garrison


The introduction for many of us to John Garrison is a good one. He's been around for awhile, but this feels like his first 'real' introduction. This isn’t his first solo record and fronted a band called Budapest that was signed to Universal for awhile. He even has done some touring with James Blunt, playing in Blunt’s band. Garrison, from the U.K. seems to draw a lot of influences from artists from that area. His music is kind of like the meeting between Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and Blunt with a heavy dose of world music flavor. It’s not ideal all the time, sometimes it can get a little boring. That said, even when a song runs into another or drones on a little too long you can always hear the creativity that Garrison is striving for. That’s what makes this a good record, it’s that constant feeling that you’re listening to something that someone put their entire heart and soul in to. “Let’s Run” and “So Close” aren’t bad tracks, those are the tracks that you’re going to get placed in front of you to listen to the most. They're not bad but the real song you need to listen to is “Alexander & Annabel” is the track you need to listen to though. It has amazing lyrics, amazing music, and really the song that defines the creative spirit of the album. I’m not going to lie and say this album is for everyone because it’s not. It can even take a while to warm up to. But if you’re tired of listening to the same thing over and over, and you're looking for something different and something good, check out John Garrison’s “Departures.”


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