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Five For Fighting


“Slice” is the typical Five for Fighting record. Like all Five for Fighting albums, there’s at least one clear cut single, maybe two, and then there’s an album that’s enduring to the adult contemporary crowd and that’s about it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, while not everybody can find his albums appealing; everyone can relate to and embrace at least one song of his. He’s not an amazing album guy, but he’s a great singles guy. That’s just the way it is. There’s been some great singles from Five for Fighting and some terrible album tracks. When it comes to entire albums it’s a bit touch and go. There are some songs that he’s written that are good and likeable but then there are others that are incredibly boring… For the most part this album is the latter. The good news is there’s more than two singles here. The clear-cut single on this record (and first ‘actual’ single) is “Chances” and then there are possibly two others in “Slice” and “Story of Your Life.” Ondrasik can write a few songs that are appealing to everyone, but mostly he writes his songs suited for his demographic… the adult contemporary crowd. Not an album to instantly buy, but something to preview and see if you like.


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