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Letting Go EP

Five years since their past release and Lo-Pro still rocks. It’s worth mentioning that a band that’s this good should really work on shoveling music out every two or three years instead of every five. Three Days Grace started out around the same time as Lo-Pro did and look how big those guys are and look at where Lo-Pro is. They’re still talented but they’re not on the front-end of people’s brains when they’re thinking about Alternative/Modern Rock music. Lo-Pro would have been huge if they released an album three or four years ago, maybe even two years ago. AND, they still haven’t released an album, (that is slated for 2010) this is just an EP. It is however a good EP. Five consistent songs that make you wonder ‘what if’ the entire time. These five tracks are all brooding, thick, rock that Lo-Pro displayed on their debut album for Geffen. It’s just been updated. Everything sounds a little more touched up in writing and in production. Hopefully this is just a hint of the full album that’s coming because another album from Lo-Pro would just be outstanding. You can’t rank it higher than this- that’s on the basis that it’s been since 2003 that we had a legitimate release from the band and it’s still just an EP. After six years you should probably have material for a full album; no matter how much tape there is to deal with. It’s a good EP though, and as mentioned previously there is a full coming… hopefully.


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