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Mike Doughty

Sad Man Happy Man

Mike Doughty’s “Golden Delicious” was a bright pop album full of energy. It was somewhat of an odd release for Doughty though. There were a lot of straight-across pop songs and it was very energetic music, something strange for Doughty. Even more of a stretch for Doughty, it wasn’t filled with the plethora of styles that he had done in the past. On “Sad Man Happy Man”, Doughty returns to the norm with 13 songs that are predictably unpredictable. He goes through his stylistic grooves on this album in numerous places, and he’s got some strong folks songs here too. In fashion, he even caps off the album with a cover of “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” I was a big fan of “Golden Delicious.” It was something different from Doughty. With “Sad Man Happy Man” he’s back to his standard, but it’s a standard that’s agreeable and relaxed for his audience.


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