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Aaron Gillespie of Underoath is back with his other band The Almost. The Almost originally started out as a type of solo project for Gillespie but with the group's new album "Monster Monster" a band approach was taken and to an extent it worked. "Monster Monster" sounds a lot different than "Southern Weather." This album only slightly resembles the first in that it's aimed for alternative rock. What's vastly different is how mellow this album is. The Almost had put out some softer songs but this record doesn't approach the sonic ferociousness that Underoath or the first Almost record did. Instead it's a lighter album. It's not a pop record by any judgment ,but as far as rock/alternative albums go ... it's a middle of the road type album. It's also an album that's aimed at a broader audience than what Gillespie is used to with The Almost and Underoath . The music here is good... it's just not as ambitious as that first record was perceived to be. It's good that Gillespie made another Almost record with his band mates from the group. Even if it just proves how talented he is. But you'd like to hear the envelope pushed on the next record a bit more than it was on this record.


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