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Save Me, San Francisco

When Train exploded with “Meet Virginia” everybody was surprised, when they followed it up with “Drops of Jupiter” still people were surprised. But after rolling out a bunch of successful singles and putting out some outstanding albums, they’re in the elite group of bands in the Hot-AC, Pop, AAA, and to an extent Alternative formats. They look to add to their success with “Save Me, San Francisco” and really there’s no reason that shouldn’t happen. In the trend of every Train album there’s five potential hit singles here, a bunch of tracks that you can just enjoy listening to, and really an hour’s worth of music that fits every mood. If you want to really focus on some music- you can listen to this album, if you want some background music- you can listen to this album. And that’s the beauty of Train- generally everyone can like them. Not to say that there aren’t those who find them too commercial, but they’re just an all-around good band. And, “Save Me, San Francisco” is just an all around good album. It’s everything that the band has done in the past but really it’s 11 new songs. The title track Is awesome, the single “Hey, Soul Sister” might be their catchiest song to date and fits into the mold of the Jason Mraz style that’s selling these days. Plus, the songs in the middle of the album- your clear-cut album tracks are good and easy to enjoy. Train’s newest isn’t it’s best, it’s not as good as “My Private Nation” or “Drops of Jupiter” but it ranks somewhere in the middle of the band’s releases. If you’ve ever liked a song from this band you’ll find a song to like on “Save Me, San Francisco.”


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