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A Rocket to the Moon

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We talked about how good the Atlantic debut was from The Swellers not so long ago, but it’s only flaw was that it got into a lot of cliché’s that are associated with pop punk. Newcomers A Rocket to the Moon suffer from a lot of the same problems. They’re meant to be more of a pop act so they suffer from it slightly worse than The Swellers do. Dude choruses abound on songs like “Dakota” and the lyrics aren’t just slightly teenage-girl lyrics… they are teenage girl lyrics. Then there’s also a four on the floor drum machine beat on a few tracks and the melodies are pretty standard for the genre. It’s not bad music it’s just meant for teenage girls and not everybody. Some of the songs are insanely catchy and you can appreciate the songwriting for what it is as well as some stellar production, instrumentation, and really vocals by Nick Santino. Basically the problem isn’t with the music it’s with the genre. A Rocket to the Moon is a lot like A Rocket Summer except there’s more of a sadness in the passion to the music instead of that happiness that A Rocket Summer can sing with even when it’s a sad song. There’s no doubt that Santino is a talented dude, and you can get into this album… but again it’s just not for people who aren’t fans of the genre and it’s not going to be an album you’re going to be into for a long duration.


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