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Dead By Sunrise

Out of Ashes

Dead by Sunrise is Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and his band in a side project. The music isn’t a stretch or a reach for Bennington but it is different in a number of ways from Linkin Park. Linkin Park’s ratio of mainstream singles to well… Linkin Park songs is about 10-2 with each of their albums. With this album Bennington’s writing style shoves out a ratio of about 1:1 half of these songs can be Top 40 singles. The other half of these are just awesome rock songs. Each group has some songs that are better than others but after everything is counted up there are winners in both categories. There are still elements of Linkin Park type sounds in this music- some of these songs could have been Linkin Park songs, but others have a larger characteristic of being general modern-rock. So again, this isn’t a big stretch for Bennington, but it’s different enough to be considered it’s own entity and win’s it’s own name instead of Chester Bennington’s other band. This album is largely stocked at the beginning. “Fire” is a brilliant piece of music that is set up wonderfully in it’s intro and finishes off in a big way. “Crawl Back In” is really the signature song of the band because it exemplifies the modern rock sound of this band. Really a great side project by Bennington and it’ll be interesting to see how this continues- how a tour will go, if another album will be made, and really everything after that. Linin Park is in no danger of breaking up over this band but there is life in music outside of his main band for Bennington if it ever comes down to it. "Out of Ashes" is a great record.


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