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Monty Are I

Break Through The Silence

Monty Are I's first record for Island/Def Jam and their follow up record to “Wall of People” takes a more alternative approach to the band's sound on this album. There's only an ounce of pop-punk on this record where there might have been twenty on the last record. Here it's more about Alternative and Rock than it is about Pop Punk. Think Madina Lake. This sound fits them much better than what they had on their previous record. Granted it's not a huge stretch outside of what they were doing but it goes far enough away from that to make these guys more distinguishable and generally better than they were with their debut. The only problem with this record is its appeal in large doses. You can listen to the album all the way through once, maybe twice, before the set as a whole gets tiresome. That's when you'll find 2 or 3 songs to come back to in future listens. The good thing about this record though is really any song on the record could be a song that you could keep coming back to. So basically Monty Are I put out an album that will get you coming back for more- but just enough.


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