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Bowling For Soup

Sorry for Partyin'

I'm sure quite a few people were scratching their heads when a relatively unknown band called Bowling For Soup scored a Grammy nomination back in 2003. Several years later it's even harder to believe, considering the quality of the band's recent output. Bowling For Soup have always had a sense of humor about them, which yielded great results when coupled with surprisingly well-crafted and catchy songs. Lately, however, the music seems to have taken a backseat to the jokes, which in addition have gotten more and more juvenile.

After their last album The Great Burrito Extortion Case came and went without much acclaim, the band took their time recording their next one. Unfortunately (and as evidenced by the album cover, which features the band being flushed down a toilet), Sorry For Partyin' continues the their downhill slope. This time we're given songs based entirely around jokes that only 12-year-olds may find funny (such as "No Hablo Ingl├ęs", an excuse for getting out of various situations, or "My Wena", which I probably don't need to elaborate on), and other stale ideas ("I Gotchoo" completely mimics Sugar Ray, which I didn't think anybody wanted to do in 2009). Even the more clever moments, like opener "A Really Cool Dance Song", which pokes fun at bands who change their sound to fit in with the latest dance-rock trend, don't offer anything musically to keep you listening once the joke wears thin. The album's few highlights (in particular "Only Young" and "Love Goes Boom") are the ones that are lighthearted and fun without sounding overly silly, and have memorable hooks to back them up.

Bowling For Soup were at their best when their humor supported the songs, but now it's clearly the other way around. Perhaps they need to work with Butch Walker more often, or perhaps they just need to grow up a bit.


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