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Three Days Grace

Life Starts Now

Three Days Grace’s latest album “Life Starts Now” is the best album from the band to date. There are several outstanding songs on this record, several of them that stand out more than others but the album still feels complete when listening to it from front to back. The band got Howard Benson to produce the record, but they got him to produce the album more traditionally and the two parties really brought something special together with this record. Benson produces tons of records but he has a method that where he has a pretty quick turnaround- not with this record- the band got Howard to Vancouver instead of recording the record in L.A. The simple fact of getting him removed from his studio gave Three Days Grace a record that sounds like it was produced by Benson, but it’s different enough to where it doesn’t sound like the last three-dozen or so albums that he’s produced. What’s really outstanding about this album though, apart from production, is the songwriting. This is the best batch of songs that Three Days Grace has released- “Break” is an awesome single. “World So Cold” and “Lost In You” have tons of potential and everything else on this album is good to great. A record should capture a band at a certain point in time- kind of like a snapshot- this captures where Three Days Grace is at right now perfectly.


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