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Brand New Eyes

Paramore’s latest “Brand New Eyes” isn’t the album that “Riot!” was, but it definitely has a lot of enduring qualities to it and while the album isn’t as good, the music is just as good as Paramore’s previous album. Hayley Williams is still flat out amazing. There’s a little more competition for her spot of best front-woman in rock, but it’s still not that close- she’s ahead by a mile. What I like about Paramore records the most is that her passion and her raw energy and emotion are always translated well. That’s rare. Think about how often you listen to music and think about how into it the artist is… not often… with Paramore that’s the first thing that comes to mind. There are some awesome tracks on this record- “Careful” is an amazing track and should have been the lead single. “Ignorance” is good, but it has similar flow to “Misery Business” so it’s not as good as it could have been. Other key tracks on the record include the moving “The Only Exception”, and the snappy “Looking Up.” Paramore’s “Brand New Eyes” isn’t a total complete package but it definitely has some fantastic songs by the band. “Riot!” isn’t going to be a once in a lifetime record for this band- they’ve got too much talent for that to be the case. The initial reaction to “Brand New Eyes” is that it’s not as good as "Riot!", but that it’s close. A month passes by it might surpass it. Paramore put out another solid record with this one, as for how solid- we’ll just have to see what sticks and what doesn’t stick as time moves on.


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