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In a Different Light

Everclear’s “In a Different Light” is a collection of songs from Everclear that they have redone and reworked to sound different from the original versions of the songs. There are also a few new tracks to go along with the previously (un)released songs. What’s interesting about the album is how different two different songs can sound but how similar the two songs still remain. A good example is “Everything to Everyone” a more acoustic version is on this album and the intro sounds fairly distant from the original version of the song. You can also hear the difference in the songs with Art’s vocals on this song and really throughout this record sound more like they do live than they do on the album. There are going to be songs that have been reinterpreted that people are going to love. And songs that have been done that people are going to hate. Quite honestly it just depends how you feel about the original version of the song and what type of personality that you have. I liked some better and liked some less than their original versions. That’s going to be a common trend between lots of people. This is an interesting idea for an album and Everclear pulled this off. The reinterpreted songs are solid and the new tracks are decent too. A must listen if you’ve ever been a fan of the band.


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