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July For Kings return with their first release since their 2002 debut album “Swim.” While it may not constitute as a full album, this seven song EP packed with the hook filled, guitar driven, post grunge rock that fans have come to expect from July For Kings. The EP opens with “Invincible” which immediately sets the stage, with a booming chorus, and broad crunching guitars, complimented by lead singer Joe Hedges unique vocals. Next is the upbeat “Blue Eyes” which is just simply a beautiful love song. While the lyrics may not force the listener to dig very deep, part of the beauty of this song is in its simplicity. Hedges’ finds a way to say so much, in so few lyrics, and yet say them so perfectly. Perhaps the track that jumps out the most on the EP however is “One By One.” Its opening chords instantly draw the listener in, while an emotion filled chorus leaves the song stuck in your head hours later. Undoubtedly this track could be the most radio friendly track the band has written since “Normal Life.” Also noteworthy is “Like That”, another hook filled track, which rivals Live’s “I Alone” as one of the best rocking love ballads in recent memory. The EP closes with “Just Right” another beautifully written ballad, which soars on the strength of Hedges’ vocals and beautifully poetic lyrics. As they did with “Swim,” July For Kings continue to release albums filled with quality tracks from start to finish, and Nostalgia is no exception. It’s only a matter of time before a major label takes notice and gives July For Kings the opportunity they deserve.


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