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The Resistance

Muse has evolved from record to record, this we know. But how much they’re fan base has grown is what really gets me. Even before “Black Holes & Revelations” they had a huge following- that record, by and large a mainstream record- grew them even more. Follow that up with one of the best live CD/DVD sets ever and you some high expectations for “The Resistance.” A very good record, “The Resistance” is somewhat for the masses… just like “Black Holes & Revelations”, but it has higher aspirations artistically than that record did. Case and point, the huge, 16 minute, 3 part symphony at the end of the record. They Symphony is remarkable- that alone is worth the purchase of the record and really only a band like Muse is capable of pulling something like that off. It’s a remarkable musical journey and after 16 minutes… I was actually sad to see it go. “The Resistance” fits Muse perfectly for where they’re at with their career. It’s a defining record in truest form. Not defining of the band overall, but of where they’re as artists at this moment. You can say that’s the goal of most albums, but most of the time there’s something here or there that doesn’t make sense or someone else got involved and mucked up the art… here that didn’t happen and you can hear it. It’s not going to be everybody’s favorite Muse record but a number of people will be able to say that.


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