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Mae's label debut didn't go as planned. This happens to lots of bands. They get signed and then the people that signed them got canned so now the band has to pick up the pieces after that. If the new people coming in don't like the band/artist that the fired people signed... then it's just not going to happen at that label for that band. That's what happened to Mae. "Singularity" was a good record- it was a bigger and better production than Mae's previous albums had been, but it missed an artistic element according to Dave Elkins. And because it missed that element they really looked to improve on their latest release, or string of releases, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. "Morning" is the first EP to be released from Mae this year and it's fairly impressive. There isn't a huge production value to it like "Singularity" had but there is a lot of art in it. There's a big eight minute track that's outstanding in "The Fisherman Song" there's a lot of set up for the art and Dave really brought some good songs to be recorded. "Morning" has a big strength in it's art. It's weakness is it's some of the lack of polish on a couple of tracks. That lack of polish is really only noticeable when you're paying attention to it, so it’s easily something you can look past. We've been talking with several bands and acts who prefer that unpolished, unrefined sound, but that's not something that Mae should aim for. With "Morning" Mae sets up the rest of the series in this series of three really well.


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