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Will Hoge

The Wreckage

Will Hoge's latest album is an amazing improvement over his Rykodisc debut. On this record there might be more passion recorded from Will than he's ever had... and that's saying something. You can hear the pain when there's pain and you can hear the joy when there is joy. It's really a pretty remarkable thing. His voice is so smooth and so good on this record that this album has a chance to be the record that Will is remembered by. That's something that Will has been trying to accomplish since leaving Atlantic. Songs like "Long Gone" and "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" are stellar to say the least but where this album really tugs at heart strings is the title track "The Wreckage." I know that Otis Redding is a huge inspiration for Will and this is a song that could have been an Otis Redding song. It was recorded and produced kind of rough to sound like that and the way Will Hoge wrote the song- with the slow paced verse and the exquisite but subtle melody is something that Otis used to do well too. This is Will's best song ever. Not by a little but by a ton. "The Wreckage" has a chance to be something special for Will Hoge. He's got some support behind him and he's got a piece of music that they can really work. We'll see if one of music's secrets becomes a mainstream act.


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