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Mutemath is one of the bands that I’ve really started to listen to on a regular basis. Their stuff isn’t your normal rock music. It’s got some pop to it yes, but really it’s the alternative genre updated. It’s made for fans of the music that’s not necessarily for everyone else. This isn’t for fans of bands like Bright Eyes and that type of thing- it’s not that big of a stretch. But it’s for people who liked the type of alternative music from the 90s that was a little out there and super original. Mutemath is best compared to the bands that really made a name for the genre by doing things that nobody else was doing. With Mutemath, the music is top notch and they’ve outdid themselves on their latest album “Armistice.” It sounds organic and robotic at the same time, it sounds like pop music and art-rock at the same time too. That’s really something that’s special about this band. Mutemath can’t be defined. On “Armistice” in particular they really can’t be defined. It’s a bunch of things molded and meshed together to make a good listen. Just like everything else of this nature it’s not for everyone but if you ever are in need of listening to something a little different but not too different- listen to some Mutemath. “Armistice” isn’t something that can be defined in any amount of words- that’s whether you hate it or you like it. You won’t be able to say why you hate it or why you like it and that’s something that is missing from most music these days.


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