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Sound the Alarm

Howie Day’s latest album follows up his wildly popular Epic debut “Stop All the World Now”, this album doesn’t have as much mass appeal as that album but it is the superior set. It’s superior because it actually feels like an album instead of a collection of singles. There are songs on here that just weren’t made for radio- probably 80% of these tracks are just mellow tracks that probably will have a following on AAA and possibly AC radio, but most of these tracks won’t have the kind of mainstream appeal that Day’s last record did. Still, that doesn’t make them less impressive than what the singer/songwriter has done in the past. The best comparison you can really throw down what this album is sonically… it’s like a Lisa Loeb/Natalie Imbruglia record from the 90’s sung by a dude. There’s that kind of quality song writing to what’s on this record and that type of instrumentation to it too. Toss in a couple of hotel café type tracks and that’s what this record is. Not anything mind-blowing, definitely not anything that rocks in any kind of way, but a mellow, laid-back listen that’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Special props have to go for Day’s collaborations with Kevin Griffin (again) the two got together and wrote Day’s first single “Be There” and what should be a potential single “Undressed” with the later being worked on by Graham Colton as well. Not outstanding, but a good piece of music.


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