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The Used are an influential band… highly influential. My Chemical Romance passed them in popularity but in true merit and mettle The Used outrank them. You know how many times I get told that the Used have influenced a band? Too many to count. My Chemical Romance? None. This is good and bad for the Utah products- good because that puts your music in perspective to you and millions. Bad because you have to adapt and change and grow even more than most bands are expected to. On “Artwork” the Used progressed in lots of areas but they also went back to the things that made them a big success with “A Box Full of Sharp Objects.” They progressed because they are largely more accessible. You wouldn’t think that by listening through the first single, but it largely is a more accessible record. Everything here is smoother than songs have been in the past and this is even though the Used really don’t have traditional structures. The smoothness and the fluidity of this album is something we haven’t seen from this band. As for what they did to get more like “A Box Full of Sharp Objects”- the lyrics and the emotional tone of this record seem to match that record in terms of the raw energy and passion the band came out with. “Artwork” is a good album from the Used. I don’t think it’s their best album but it’s one that will be remembered by their fans two or three cycles down the road.


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