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Breathe Carolina

Hello Fascination

Breathe Carolina, the other Denver duo making waves on the billboard charts returns with another record, this one their first one for Fearless. This band is a lot like Idiot Pilot, but the melodies aren’t as prevalent and the screaming is up. Way up. In Breathe Carolina’s instance that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a long time fan of these guys but seeing the noise they were making this year I had to check out their previous work along with their current work, and it’s gotten better. I will say that. With their first record, the band was a little bit too much crunk core for me... now they’ve changed slightly. Yes they still are crunk core, but things have gotten better where you can compare what they do to some legitimate rock music. There are guitars, there are actual lyrics, there are key components to music here and in spots it works. Not all spots but quite a few. Breathe Carolina is definitely an acquired taste… just depends how long you want to take to acquire it. Not bad, I’ve heard worse… but not amazing.


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