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Third Eye Blind

Ursa Major

Third Eye Blind’s fourth album and first in five years is “Ursa Major.” The biggest question to answer here, is was it worth the wait? The answer is of course object able but in this reviewers mind it was. “Ursa Major” matches the urgency and the intensity of the band’s debut album. Even “Blue” and “Out of the Vein” didn’t come close to matching the sheer originality and completeness of that first album. “Ursa Major” does. Even if it lots of critics with petty differences of Stephen Jenkins aren’t going to agree. It’s one thing to sing about the same crap over and over and over again. It’s a completely different thing to make your own type of music and spend the type of time Jenkins does on lyrics. Even if there’s some stuff in there that outside people are going to look at and not understand- one can realize the amount of time he took with the lyrics. That is exemplified on “Ursa Major” more than any other 3EB album to come before it. Lyrics are huge with Third Eye Blind, but bigger than that is the band’s return to Alternative Rock. Which, really they never left but were perceived to. I think that the band doing the marketing and promotion and choosing their own singles is what could potentially reinvent their image. “Don’t Believe a Word” wouldn’t have been released as a single if the band was on a label, a catchier tune (which there are on this album) would have been chosen. That speaks volumes about what the band is doing and doing right. Third Eye Blind wins big with “Ursa Major” there’s a reason why the fan base has stayed around for so long. It’s because the music was exceptional. Turns out it still is. One can only help that Ursa Minor is as good as Ursa Major and that the band will keep making music because our genre and our world needs them.


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