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The Outsiders

Needtobreathe is a hit song from blowing up. Really when you think about it I suppose all bands are but the point of the statement is hat these dudes are close... real close. If one song took off for them the way one song should then they'd huge. Larger than life even. Their last two records that they put out before this current album were both amazing pieces of music. This album continues that trend set by those records in lots of ways but also goes back to what is the bands roots. "The Outsiders" has a more spiritual message than the previous two albums and at times feels like a traditional gospel album because of the nature of the songs. Some of these songs don't even approach the term pop as a description, let alone the word rock. Still, that doesn't mean that his album isn't a good album from the band- the first five tracks set a great tone for the record and "Something Beautiful" and a few other songs have a chance to be songs that blow up for the band and give them that notoriety that I mentioned previously. Judging from this album though, I don't think that's something that the band thinks or cares about, and that's always an admirable thing. Needtobreathe puts out another outstanding record in "The Outsiders" but I don't think that it will do anything else than make their current group of supporters happy and gain them a few along the way. That's not a bad thing. With this record Needtobreathe is going to remain a well-known secret. But mark my words one song.... they wouldn't just be popular they would become a national phenomenon.


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