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A Watched Pot

Singer/songwriter Bleu Mcauley returns with his long awaited new album ‘A Watched Pot.’ The album marks the end of 4 year struggle with Mcauley’s former label to release the masters to this album, which he originally recorded to be released on the label. Now with the release of the new album, fans get to find our why Mcauley fought for so long to have fans hear this fantastic album. The stirring opener “Save Me” and the current single “Come ‘N Go” showcase Mcauley at his best. Beautifully arranged tracks, backed by Mcauley’s unique vocals create a perfect blend. Next comes the lighter side of Bleu, on tracks “Boy Meets Girl” and “Kiss Me,” both have an upbeat pop sound, with light lyrics, all the while not sounding trite or forced. Also noteworthy is the simplistic beauty of the track “What Now” and the piano driven “Go,” both which find Mcauley vocally and lyrically at his best. One listen to A Watched Pot and you’ll not only understand why Mcauley fought so hard to have this album released, you’ll be so glad that he did. This album deserves to be heard.


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