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After Midnight Project

Lets Build Something to Break

Two years ago when I heard demos from the After Midnight Project I knew they were good. The demos were pretty raw at the time and you could just go to their site and pull them off of there. It was pretty easy. I was introduced to them by a good friend of Alternative Addiction’s by the name of Sara. Anyway, even though the initial demos were good I didn’t know that AMP was capable of pulling off such a thick, kickass record. This album is full of awesome tracks and great production by Jon Feldman. Sonically the music is very similar to the City Sleeps album but the songs are better so it holds up a little bit better than that record does. Songs like “Backlit Medley”, “The Becoming”, and “The Criminal” melt face and kick ass and then songs like “Take Me Home” and “More to Live For” are similar songs to what The Sick Puppies do- except slightly better. You can say their songs are like the Sick Puppies and sonically they sound like City Sleeps but I compare them most to Oleander (the harder songs) because lead singer Jason Evigan sounds a lot like Thomas Flowers. After Midnight project rocks. They should be doing that for awhile.


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