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Mind Control

Tantric's new album "Mind Control" is said to be their hardest album. That's what lead singer Hugo Ferreira says anyway, and I actually have to agree with him. There's an amount of thickness on this Tantric record that hasn't been achieved or probably aimed for in the past. The hardness and the thickness of the album makes it better and gives the album an edge and more of a rock feel than an alternative feel. The hard songs on this record may have made this Tantric record different, but the softer/lighter songs on this record made this the best Tantric record the band has made. "The Past is the Past" is an awesome track with guitar work that's comparable to the initial version of Tantric. "What Are You Waiting For" is the other track that really sets this album apart from what the band has done in the past. It's not a remarkable song but it's a damn good one and mixed in with the extra push that the band gave the music this time around it gets better. Simply put, the lighter songs of this record get better on "Mind Control" because the rest of the album is harder and a more balanced product comes into play than what we've seen from Tantric before. This is probably the best Tantric record to date and if it's not considered that by fans of the band then it can be considered the best Tantric record that this version of the band could have made. It's good work.


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