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July For Kings


There’s something about Joe Hedges music, and July for Kings’ music in particular- they make a brand of Alternative-Pop music, that just works. On “Monochrome”, Hedges and co. flash the band’s ability to write a song that should make them a household name to millions, but instead is a true passion for thousands. Songs like “Say it Now”, “Six Hour Drive”, and “100 Pianos” are classic July for Kings songs. And really this album is the best July For Kings album. “Swim” is an outstanding piece of music but “Monochrome” expands the bands style markedly. Instead of just having a hook and a good riff drive a song like they did on “Swim”, they are mixing that with the atmosphere and mood focused on in “Nostalgia.” Basically “Monochrome” blends the band’s last two albums perfectly, so much so that it turns the album into the best piece of music that the band has ever put out. If you’re reading this review now, go check out the music. It’s worth it. And while you’re at it, tell a couple of friends. You’ll be making the world a more just place. Bands like July For Kings need to be listened to, especially this album.


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