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Peoples Palace

Lion EP

Peoples Palace out of Australia shows some real promise. Vocalist Taylor Stevenson has a tone and a delivery similar to Pat Stump of Fall Out Boy and his voice on top of a steady mix of organic guitars, it creates a nice sonic blend to listen to.

On the band’s Lion EP Stevenson shows off his chops throughout the tracks. The guy can flat out wail. Along with Stevenson, the guitar and bass work that’s accompanying that vocal is really great too. They do a lot of things that were done really well from 2005 – 2010. They use limited resources to create a wall of sound.
The only real problem I have with this EP is the final sound. You can hear every single element you want – great vocal, awesome guitars, and a quality rhythm section – and it all comes together nicely. The main problem is the final playback of what you get needs to be polished. This EP sounds good without it, with a bigger budget for mixing and mastering… it would sound INSANELY good.

People’s Palace has more potential than anything else I've heard in this subgenre in a long time. The first thing that everybody listens for with unsigned/unknown music is the vocalist and Stevenson has Peoples Palace has them completely covered. People’s Palace is good in 2014, next year I’m anticipating them to be great.


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