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Despite a lot of really cool moments, The Strumbellas’ “Hope” ends up as just an okay listen. Predictably, “Sprits” – the lead single and lead song off of the album - is the strongest on the set. Everything else just ends up being just okay to good – there are a few moments on the record where the band sounds like they might be on to something… but instead those songs never escalate and never try to be more than they are. Most of the writing elements are really solid here, but there’s not a lot on these songs to make them stand out. There are some decent songs – “The Hired Band” and “The Night Will Save Us” both come to mind, but even those songs will only hold your attention for so long. The songs that are supposed to tug at your heartstrings never do and the tracks that are supposed to make your toe tap never really do that either. I’ve been wrong several times in the past, but I just don’t see this record taking off in the way that some of us thought it would. “Spirits” is a great song, but The Strumbellas needed to have 3-4 other songs that were that good and that original to make a lasting impact. That didn’t happen this time out, but there’s a ton of potential here that will hopefully be realized in the future.


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