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Rob Thomas' first solo album was liked by many but not all hardcore Matchbox Twenty fans were into it and understandably so. Most of the songs had an underlying World music influence than some people liked and others hated. Thomas' ability to write catchy singles and good hooks was there too, some people just hated the added flair that the album provided. "Cradlesong" is kind of like "Something to Be" except that added flair has been mellowed down substantially and the songs are more about the hooks and the choruses instead of the extra rhythm put behind the music. Basically it's a better mix of the first solo record and what he's done in Matchbox Twenty. Songs like "Gasoline", "Her Diamonds", and "The Meltdown" all exist with those strange rhythms existing but the choruses far out-weigh any negative effect that the weird beats provide. Matchbox Twenty is still the preferred act because the rest of the band really adds to Thomas' songwriting ability. But as far as a solo artists goes Thomas is still pretty good and so is this album.


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