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City of Riots

Sea of Bright Lights

Another group out of Australia, City Riots is an indie band that makes dream pop music akin to the Smashing Pumpkins in their “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” days. The band does some nice things on their 2012 release, “Sea of Bright Lights.” The production is solid, the songwriting is good, and the overall music is definitely worth your time.

On Sea of Bright Lights, the Smashing Pumpkins reference is apt for City Riots. Their vocals are light and airy like Corgan’s, and while they certainly utilize their guitars in a very old-school kind of way, they also utilize space incredibly well.

The songs all over this record are really good, the lone problem with City Riots is the same problem that a lot of indie bands have on full length albums. There’s little to no variety. The sound of all of the songs are a little too similar to listen to the album frequently.

City Riots makes a splash with Sea of Bright Lights, but I think they do a better job of building a base to make better music with their next release. Maybe this album doesn't have enough variety to listen to it consistently but you’ll find plenty of songs here to put into your playlists.


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