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There are two types of mainstream rock that really stick out in the genre. The first is the type of Mainstream/Alternative rock that came out in the mid to late 90s and in the early part of this decade. This type of mainstream/alternative rock is filled with some angst and can get you feeling low. 3 Doors Down is slightly of this guild but Trapt and Saliva (their "Back in the System" days) really stand out from this first time of mainstream rock. The second type of mainstream rock is the mindless blend of heavy production and 80's/hair band style songs that we can all blame Hinder for and therefore kick them in the junk for. Hinder's not that terrible but there have been too many bands using that formula for the past two years that it's starting to get obnoxious. Now that we've got that out of the way, which type of mainstream rock artist is Halestorm. Simple. They're both. On the first six tracks of their debut Atlantic record they are a Hinder type band with a female lead singer. It's not terrible. It's just not good. There are places where you'll get into the music, you'll just catch yourself and feel bad about it. On the second half of the record, most of the Hinderesque elements go away and those last five songs are enjoyable. Especially "Better Sorry Than Safe" (even though out of the last few tracks that has the biggest 80's sound to it.) Simply put, the first part of Halestorm's debut is decent enough to listen to and the second half of the record is pretty damn good. Lizzy Hale is an awesome lead singer and her band is apt behind her, especially the guitars. Look for Halestorm to be around for awhile.


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