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Monuments and Melodies

You can never really understand how good a band like Incubus is until they put out a greatest hits collection. For some bands it's kind of silly. It makes no sense for them to put out a greatest hits set because they had three hit singles and a bunch of album tracks that people liked. With Incubus it's different. They had a couple of crossover hits, but literally loads of hits in the Alternative format. Most people like Incubus, people who make Alternative music their main choice of genre know how amazing this band really is and it's cemented into those peoples' minds with this best of set. "Monuments and Melodies" covers most of the band's big hits on the first disc of this two disc set, ("Circles" is missing.) On the second disc a few rarities are included along with a cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." All in all "Monuments and Melodies" is a must own for fans of the band. There's a total of 26 songs that's worth the purchase. Plus, if you buy it through the band's website you get TONS of songs in a vault to go along with it. The band will always be awesome and Epic did a great job with the bundling of the collection.


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