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The Clarks

Restless Days

Pennsylvania's favorite band, The Clarks, return with a new album in 2009. "Restless Days" doesn't leave the lasting impression that "Someday Maybe" or "Let it Go" has when you listen through, but there is still an appreciation for the band that stays constant throughout the album. They're just a good band. They don't do anything drastically different from album to album, they just make the music that they know how to make. On "Restless Days" they make that brand of music perfectly- there are songs that rock like "The Clowns" there's an unexpected cover in "What a Wonderful World", but more than that on this record there are about 5 songs that can almost be considered alt-country tracks. Especially the title track, "Restless Days." If you're a newbie to The Clarks this isn't the best place to start because it's not their best music and the alt-country focus on a few songs make this one hard to get into. Still though, if you listen through any of their music from 1997-2003 AND THEN listen to this record you'll probably love it.


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