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Friday Night Boys

Off the Deep End

There is no doubt that the Friday Night Boys’ Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic full-length debut, “Off the Deep End” is nothing but the newest kind of new wave pop songs. There’s a lot of talent to appreciate with the band. This is bubble-gum pop’s latest installment and although the lyrics aren’t something that’s for people far into their twenties, the melodies throughout every song and the hooks in every chorus are outstanding. Andrew Goldstein is a tremendous songwriter, especially for being as young as he is. He’s advanced beyond his years in the element and he’s what makes the Friday Night Boys run at a high level. The album is largely front-loaded but the second half of the album isn’t bad either. “Off the Deep End” is one of the strongest albums I’ve heard in this genre. The Friday Night Boys are leaps ahead of other bands that play this type of music like Red Car Blue Wire, The White Tie Affair, and Cash Cash. While all of these bands make the same kind of music you can listen through The Friday Night Boys and hear that they are a band without a ceiling. A good debut, but expect a lot better things in the future. This is just the beginning for The Friday Night Boys.


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