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The Dreamwalker

Leaving the ambitious and awesome overall concept of Poet Anderson alone and just judging things based on the album itself, Tom Delonge’s Angels and Airwaves is on its fifth album and it’s taken its most interesting turn to date. The new album, The Dream Walker, is the closest thing that Angels and Airwaves has released to current and past projects from Delonge. There are songs on this album that sound like Blink songs (well, new Blink songs) and there are songs on this album that sound like Boxcar Racer. There’s an interesting blend of everything that Delonge has done right in this phase of his career rolled into everything on The Dream Walker. There’s the massive guitars spattered across lush atmospheres with percussion that’s spaced effectively. There’s Delonge’s vocal – that’s not amazing, but’s sturdy in its delivery and never fails to tell a story; and the story that’s told is pretty damn captivating. Major points also need to be given to Ilan Rubin with his percussion. The drummer has been in a number of successful projects over the years, but I think this might be the best thing he’s been a part of creatively. It’s hard to say if this is the best Angels and Airwaves album that’s been put out because all of them are really solid, but the fifth album certainly didn't let down fans of AVA.


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