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Never Too Late

Hedley has had substantial success in Canada. So far that hasn’t translated to success here in the U.S. for whatever reason. It’s been an odd journey for the band, after signing to Capitol and having that ultimately fall apart after a disc released and didn’t get promoted in the slightest bit the band found its way to Interscope/Geffen/A&M. So after all of that what’s left for a release from the band is “Never Too Late” a collection of some of the band’s better songs that have been released before and some new material too. The album has character, Jacob Hoggard and the band give so much character to the songs they record that it’s hard not to like the band. As for the songs on this record- the classic songs are here in 321, Gunnin’, and “Never Too Late.” And although I know they’ve seen light of day in Canada, and were huge there, I’m not sure which category you would put “Old School” and “Hand Grenade.” They are both damn good songs though. The only problem that Hedley has with this album coming out in the U.S. is simple- a lot of it isn’t new material. It’s easy to rerelease your strongest material when you cross the border from Canada to the U.S. or vice-versa. I would do the same thing. But for Alternative Addiction fans in particular, they’ve been aware of this band and a few of these songs for a while now. Why not wait until you release a new record in Canada and then promote it internationally instead of doing an album like this? It didn’t work with Capitol doing the same thing you're doing with this record, do it differently. That’s all I’m saying. Hedley’s “Never Too Late” is a fun album but for longtime fans of the band here in the U.S. there’s really not a point to pick this up. For newbies though, it’s a good introduction to a great band.


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