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Losing Sleep

The year was 2002 and a single caught my attention. It was catchy, it was infectious and I felt like the band had some things going for them. I picked up the album and found 3 more hit singles with the possibility of as many as 5. The single was "Harder to Breathe" and the album was "Songs About Jane", Maroon 5's beast of an album that launched them into never having to do anything legitimate in music again because their debut was so phenomenal. I don't see a lot of Maroon 5 in Parachute, but I do see a lot of "Songs About Jane" in Parachute's "Losing Sleep." The hit single is "She is Love" and the album is chuck-full of outstanding songs that would be perfect for radio including "She", "Blame it On Me", "The Mess I Made" and "Words Meet Heartbeats." All of these songs are catchy, but they what sticks out the most about the album is how tight the recording is. Not everything is thick per se, but everything is timed and layered perfectly to every millisecond. The actual recording of "Losing Sleep" is one of the best that I've ever heard and when you combine that and some terrific songs by Parachute you've got a great album.


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