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Bands that evolve and change from album to album have staying power. It’s no secret that U2 tries new things with every album, and although their initial run of hits would have been enough for them to stay around forever, their constant stream of new hits makes them idealistic to everybody else. Another band that evolves and changes with every album is Papa Roach. The Paramour Sessions was far different than anything they had released before that and while their latest effort Metamorphosis is similar to Paramour in lots of ways, it’s also different in a number of ways and it also compares to a lot of Papa Roach’s work before Paramour. In Metamorphosis you are hearing some really fast effect guitar riffs- yes the Edge standard- but you’re also hearing some straight-up rock rhythms in the bass and drum lines. That’s different for Papa Roach. They’ve never made an album that was so intelligent musically. As far as lyrics go… this is where this Papa Roach album has its drawbacks. The lyrics on certain songs aren’t really up to par with previous works. However, some of these songs are made into decent tracks because of a strong melodic chorus. In fact, melody is the saving face for this Papa Roach record. It’s more melodic than almost anything the band has released in the past with some outstanding choruses. Metamorphosis is another strong Papa Roach album, I won’t say every track on this album is outstanding, but there are 5-6 quality tracks on here to listen through including “I Almost Told You That I Loved You”, “Lifeline”, and “Carry Me” these three tracks are key Papa Roach tracks and border being the best Papa Roach songs of the past three albums. It’s not an amazing album, but there are definitely some key Papa Roach songs on this disc that make it worth a purchase and worth a listen.


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