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The California based rock group Low Millions is making their debut with their new album, “Ex-Girlfriends” on Manhattan Records. The album is very aptly named, as the band explores themes of heartbreak and love lost through out this impressive record. The heartbreak starts from the beginning, with the lead off single “Eleanor”. A crisp layered guitar hooks the choruses while lead singer Adam Cohen lyrics instantly commit to memory. Equally as impressive as it is diverse is the second track, Mockingbird, which possesses a melodic feel with heartfelt lyrics making it one of the most outstanding tracks on the album. Equally impressive is the track Low Millions (yes, the band has a track that shares the same name as the band), which is actually kind of interesting, because the track gives sheds some light on the mystery behind the band’s unique name. One of the rare optimistic tracks on the CD is “Here She Comes”, which catches Cohen in a rare mood…happily in love. Perhaps Cohen’s lyrics are most striking on “Statue” a beautifully crafted ballad dealing with loneliness and love lost, and ultimately encapsulates the entire album’s theme. All in all, Low Millions’ “Ex-Girlfriends” is filled with tracks that anyone who’s been in and lost love will immediately relate with, definitely one of the best debut albums we've heard this year.


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