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Better Than Ezra

Paper Empire

New Orleans rock band Better Than Ezra return with their sixth studio release, Paper Empire. Like their previous albums, the band creates a unique vibe and feel to this record reinventing themselves yet again, a testament to the band’s longevity. From the stirring opener, “Absolutely Still” to the balladesque “Turn On the Bright Lights,” Better Than Ezra again hit a home run with this record. The album shows incredible variety, insightful lyrics of tracks like “Just One Day” and “Wounded” find lead singer Kevin Griffin at his best both vocally and lyrically. The band shows their lighter side and funky Louisiana roots on tracks like “All In” and “Hell No!” an even electronic vibes on “Nightclubbing.” The album closes with the ballad “Then Came You,” a heartfelt love song that is a prefect conclusion to a diverse collection of songs. Surprisingly even more diverse than their past albums, Paper Empire is an excellent addition to this bands already impressive catalog.


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