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Blue October

Approaching Normal

Blue October’s new album is a lot like Blue October. It takes a couple of listens to warm up to but once you listen through and really pay attention to the record you’ll be hooked. It plays like an album, which is obviously important but almost every song on the album can hold its own by itself. The uniqueness from track to track approaches outstanding. That’s from the dark broodiness to “Dirt Room” all the way to the uplifting and slightly quirky “Jump Rope.” All of the different production elements play well into the process. Steve Lilywhite did a great job with the band making sure that they stayed true to their sound while adding a little bit of accessibility to it so there’s a chance they could crossover more so into the top 40 market than they did with the last record. A quick note does need to be made on single choices though- and that’s the only quirk with this record. “Dirt Room” is a great song but it’s not something that should have been chosen for a band that crossed over with basically three singles on their last record. A lead single from this album should have done more than “Dirt Room” did for Blue October. “Say It” is a much better choice but ONLY for Alternative and Rock markets. There are two or three songs from this album that are much better choices for singles and this needs to be remedied or the band will stop enjoying some of the success they’ve been having. Throw out “Jump Rope” and see what it does. It’s a lot like “Balance Beam” a band staple that just never got chosen and never got a chance to do very much as a single. It’s not part of the review but it’s for the promotion of the album. Overall this is a great record and Blue October fans know this, the proper steps need to be made so the band can gain more fans to make another album like this one. “Approaching Normal” is a great record and a must listen.


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