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Ten (Reissue)

“Ten” and “Nevermind” are the two albums from my childhood that are classics. You can throw “Dookie” in there too. “Ten” was especially special though. Eddie Vedder touched on issues in his lyrics, which was a must back then, and his voice made Pearl Jam more presentable to the masses. Pearl Jam wasn’t really risqué in sound like Nirvana- a little bit in lyrics, but not in sound. Pearl Jam was the great divide that crossed over lots of people from the older generation and into the new one. They did it with “Ten” an album that by all characteristics is to as close to perfect as an album can get. The songs were amazing from front to back, singles abounded off of the record to promote it properly, the placement of the tracks was perfect, the vocals were amazing, and the music itself was tight and dominating. “Ten” is a monster album through and through so it’s not a big shocker that Sony decided to reissue it with tons of bonus stuff mainly the remixed Brendan Obrien songs from the album. The remixes are slightly better than the originals- it sounds odd to say but on vinyl they aren’t as good on the originals but on a PC they play better than they originals and you can hear the tweaks Obrien made to the music. The remix is kind of a bonus for those who’ve never heard the album before because the album by itself is worth a purchase. As far as the bonus tracks go they are all decent but nothing’s amazing. There are a couple of songs from the Singles soundtrack and “Evil Little Goat” ends the album on a quirkier note. The “Ten” reissue is well worth the purchase if you’re a die-hard Pearl Jam fan or if you’ve never heard the album before. There are enough bonus things to keep it entertaining but not enough to make it superbly special. Basically casual fans can skip it, die-hards can rush to pick it up, and newbies should buy this version because of all the goodies you get alongside of the album.


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