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Barcelona’s “Absolutes” scores points for depth, creativity, and overall sound. It’s a rerelease with a few bonus tracks so basically this is the band’s introduction to the masses. The Seattle band’s Universal debut makes them a new band for most including me but they immediately leave an impression upon first listen. “Absolutes” sounds a lot like The Fray with the band’s use of accenting guitars but also can draw some resemblances to Coldplay with strong keys and some production nuances. They sound is of course very important but the key component with Barcelona are the songs. The songs are crafted extremely well from start to finish. They’re all extremely unpredictable and sporadic but they paint a canvas on your ears as you listen… really listen. From one element to the next the songs take you through journeys. Not just with the lyrics but with the music too. There’s a point on the lead track “Falling Out of Trees” where frontman Brian Fennell comes out of a chorus behind some extremely light keys and the transition using a quick three note guitar bridge into a full-out minute band breakdown. It’s not musical genius but it does approach it. The movement of the music on the album is amazing, and that makes this band a band not a pop group. Where they might struggle slightly is finding an audience to gravitate towards that one song that can really make or break a band’s career. “It’s About Time” and “Come Back When You Can” come damn close but I’m not sure they’re poppy enough. All of the songs are excellent they’re just not all catchy. Barcelona’s “Absolutes” is a great introduction to a solid band. They’re another new group out there that deserves your attention. Listen through the first three tracks on the album, if that doesn’t win you over nothing will. Great band.


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