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The Script

The Script’s self described “Celtic soul” sound takes center stage with the band’s self titled release, an album that is already a classic in the band’s home country Ireland, and the UK. Now it’s the States’ turn to hear this band extremely unique sound. Don’t just automatically assume that this is just another overseas import with a unique sound that we’re all just supposed love because Europe does. This albums showcases a band that is not only refreshing, but incredibly diverse. With unforgettable hooks, and unique melodies that will catch even the casual listener. Why the label chose “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,” one of the albums less appealing tracks, as the lead single from the album is a bit puzzling but nevertheless this album is chuck full of potential hit singles. The band’s biggest hit in Ireland is the album’s opener “We Cry,” a track that nearly toes the line between hip-hop and rock, while driving ballads like “Before the Worst” and “Breakeven” all display the band at their best. The powerful lyrics of “Fall For Anything” further showcase the band lyrical prowess, while the stirring ballad “I’m Yours” is simply outstanding.


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