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Green River Ordinance

Out of My Hands

Texas based rockers Green River Ordinance have spent the past 5 years honing their sound on the indie scene and preparing for their much anticipated debut release “Out of My Hands.” The result is a brilliantly catchy album that could easily take this band to the next level in 2009. While critics will write this off as another suburban pop/rock group, make no mistake here, Green River Ordinance is head and shoulders above its peers, and this album is proof why. From the undeniable hook filled opener “Outside” to the melodic undertones of “Goodbye L.A.” this album is overflowing with tracks that are strong enough to one day be chart topping hit songs. Lead singer Josh Jenkins displays incredible maturity and range on many of the albums impressive tracks, especially when singing the lyrics on unforgettable tracks like “Learning” which might be one of the most well written songs on the album. In an iTunes driven era when so many albums contain only a handful of noteworthy songs, Green River Ordinance’s “Out of My Hand” is a rare exception, chuck full of outstanding songs. Sadly, albums like this don’t come around very often.


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